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RE: Noisy EDP

Re: Reverb.  My suggestion is to be a bit careful in adding reverb with
every overdub.  Can get a bit muddy sounding.  But, that may be an effect
you want for a certain piece.

Re:  Optimal signal path.  What I found is that the confusion ended when i
got really clear as to how i wanted to use the EDP.  Before that, I was
confused as to what to plug into what.  Now, i've turned my confusion to
other more confusing things.

Oh, make sure you have the "unity gain" thing down pat.  If not, you won't
really get a good listen to the current routing.


>I would sure be interested in learning the best/proper way to do this so
>that I can have the optimal signal path.  Any suggestions?  Reading
>material?  I am also still trying to decide on the best signal path for
>effects.  For example should reverb be applied to the overall loop'ed
>sound or should it be applied to each overdub/layer of the loop?  Do you
>set it up with Reverb/effects on Aux 1 & EDP on Aux 2 or some other
>series type of fashion?
>> One important thing you get with any looper is that you add 
>> noize at each overdub pass not because of the looper but 
>> because your  signal is always noizy . even if the signal you 
>> send to the looper seems clean the noize component (as small 
>> it can be) in your signal being timbrally the same so it ads 
>> up at each pass . the solution and I've been fighting it too 
>> remove all noizy component and do proper gain staging
>> after that the edp is not noizy at all.
>> Claude
>> Peter Einhorn wrote:
>> > 
>> > yea, they are kinda noisy. {i assume you meant to put a comma after 
>> > 'since'). Why I've been considering the new electrix one. [name 
>> > escapees me]. I find it good for live, bad for studio.
>> > 
>> > > I recently added an EDP to my rig.  Since I have had 
>> serious noise 
>> > > problems.  Anyone else seen this before and/or have 
>> recommendations?
>> > >
>> > > Thanks,
>> > > Jeff
>> > >
>> > >
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