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Re: Turntablist Guitar (Parts 1 and 2)

 I'm not exactly sure, it just seems to be the one that sticks with me
the most out of the bunch. Asana has some great melodic interactions
between the loops that's really interesting. I can't quite put my finger
on it...

on 6/6/02 Andre LaFosse wrote:

>I'm curious, Greg, as to what it was about "Asana" in particular that
>you liked.  Another fellow mailed me and singled that one out as his
>favorite as well, and I'm curious as to what grabbed you about it,
>it's probably the most unlike the other tracks from this week.  (I've
>got a couple of guesses, but I want to hear what you think first.)
>I already hear things I can improve on in the latest material, and I'm
>constantly trying to re-evaluate how I approach this stuff, so any
>commentary on this is extremely helpful to me.
>Thanks again for listening!
>--Andre LaFosse
Greg Kucharo-