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Integrating EDP into mix

I am still in the process of trying to get the EDP integrated into my
rig.  I currently have the EDP on Send 1 pre-fade, another mono device
on Send 2 post-fade and my Eclipse on Send3&4 post-fade.  When I play my
synths connected to my mixer, I can here the effects of the Eclipse
exactly as they should, but when I lay down a loop on the EDP the
resulting signal (loop) ends up coming out dry without an Eclipse
effects.  Now I don't necessarily mind that the effects aren't recorded
on the actual loop, but I would think that since my EDP out is coming
back to a separate mixer channel that it's signal would be processed by
the Eclipse, but its not.  I am wondering if I should just use the Aux
out bus for the EDP instead of Send 1, but I am not really sure.  FYI, I
am used to working with a mixer but in the past have only had to worry
about routing to a single effects device, but now with the EDP I am not
sure I understand how to properly route my signals.