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RE: Repeater vs EDP (what I like about the Repeater)

So then I guess the ideal setup would be to have EDP-IV setup as the
master tempo clock and the Repeater and other devices setup to sync to
the EDP-IV?


> > for those with both (or thinking of it), and waiting for 
> LoopIV: From 
> > reading the LoopIV manual (and hearing Andre's LoopIV 
> work), I have a 
> > feeling the vastly improved EDP sync functions (with EDP as slave or
> master)
> > are going to be of huge benefit to tandem useage, almost as good as
> getting
> > an OS upgrade on the Repeater (maybe better)!
> YES!  As an EDP-IV and Repeater user I couldn't agree more.  
> Lights came on in my head when I first tried the loop-IV o.s. 
> with my repeater.  Loop4 is designed to play well with other 
> midi-clock units, Loop4 has midi-piping to the thru-jack, 
> Loop4 has a visual tempo display, Loop4 has much better 
> 8th/beat control scheme for syncing the repeater, on and on. Jon