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Any Wash. DC or NOVA area Loopers in the house?

Hey Guys,

Moved from the Bay area of CA a few months ago, to the Northern VA/DC

I'd like to hook up with some loopers in the area for practice or
trading EDP theory or even just a jam session.

I'm using 2 turntables, mixer, and the glorious edp for creating beats,
scratches, effects, and general scientific experiments.

I've played with a couple of bands in the bay, and it worked out well,
using the turntables as an instrument, while the edp lays down the
groove or provides a "sound carpet" or take the bands existing grooves
and chop them up and rearrange them in the 'plex, while they play back
over the tracks.

I'd love to get together with a band or a solo instrumentalist, as I can
provide beats, scratches, samples and weirdness.

Please reply to me if anyone is interested in getting together for the
aformentioned activities.

Be well,


Thanks and best regards,

Dylan DeAnda
"What is it men cannot be made to believe!"
-Thomas Jefferson