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Re: LoopIV

> However, any more explication on the Loop Windowing feature would be most
>  welcome... It seems like that feature in itself epitomizes the use of a 
>  new LoopIV features/parameters; the understanding of which would be most
>  beneficial!

Windowing is allowing the Undo function to work even when it 
shouldn't. Every time you Overdub new sounds the EDP records 
onto a new section of memory, so when you Undo normally you're
just going back in memory by one cycle.
When you change the cycle length it wouldn't really
make sense to still have this function, as you'll be jumping back
into odd cut up sections of your earlier loops.
However this is exactly what you CAN do with loop4.

With loop3 you can Multiply a loop, then use Mult again to 
reduce the size of the loop. Then you get a bug with Undo,
which gives you exactly the Loop Windowing thing.
This was so popular that Matthias improved it for
Loop4, and Kim put it in the manual as a feature.

favourite-trick-of -the -moment

Quant=8th, InsertMode=Sub (or rPL)

Record a loop of about 1s.
Then play sustained notes and use 
InsertButton to "drop in"  8th note fragments.
After a while do a Multiply to about 16 cycles.
Then when you Undo (longpress is better) you
can hear the original short loop gradually evolving 
during the new long loop.

andy butler