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Re: Repeater & FCB1010 Woes

I couldn't get through your email, but I'll try to help.  The Repeater does
indeed respond to CC, PC AND note information, all of which the FCP1010 can
send.  Here's the catch.  There are errors in the Repeater MIDI 
chart in the manuals.  I forget what they are though.  When I couldn't 
out what number PC change was (I think it's one number off) I just went to 
corresponding CC value, and it worked fine.  Don't worry, once you figure 
out, I think you'll see that the 1010 is the controller for the Repeater.  
found no better for more than twice the price.

Mark Sottilaro

Joe Dallarda wrote:

> I'm hoping someone can help me with controlling repeater with the 
> fcb1010 before i totally lose it.
> One of the main confusions is this- without me programming anything on
> preset #2, the pedals on preset 2 can scroll through track select 1-4,
> engage play, record, overdub, stop, mute track 1, mute track 2, and mute
> input, which is a hell of a lot better set-up than i've managed to 
> myself as of yet.
> But this is (part of)what i'm not getting- I thought the fcb1010 can only
> send 2 CC messages per preset, and that repeater only responds to cc
> messages, and not program change messages. If so, how can this many
> different functions be accessed? Is this not correct? Does controller
> message also mean program change message, of which the fcb1010 can send 
> Also, I just don't understand how the global edit mode affects the preset
> edit mode- do you have to specify what kind of midi function you want to
> assign to each pedal in the global edit mode separetly for each pedal? 
> damn manual is even worse than a roland manual, minus the strange syntax.
> One last question- is there a painless and not too time consuming way to
> suggest how i might go about programming the fcb1010 to access as much of
> the repeaters front panel as possible, send a program change and 
> controller messages to an aleises midiverb (for changing vocal presets 
> controlling the amount of delay for vocals in real-time) and a program
> change and gain boost message (for loud sections of any particular 
>song), to
> a pod, while having the repeater and a filter factory and mo-fx 
> to a roland 880 hard disk recorder without the mo-fx and filter factory
> recieving any kind of midi messages aside from being midi synced? (take
> breath).
> I know this is asking a lot, thanks,
> j.
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