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Re: lexicon mpx1 vs. lxp1

I can vouch for the MPX1 being a great little box, and since it's been
discontinued, you could get a deal (see archives) but as for the LXP1, it
don't know.  It's an older model, but you might find them on eBay.  I've 
able to get really good dense reverb washes with all kinds of cool 
with the MPX1, it was more than worth the $425 I paid, IMO.


Jimmy Fowler wrote:

> i've narrowed down my search for a reverb unit to the following.  how do
> they compare?  i'm sure i'll get around to using the other effects, but 
> particularly interested in reverbs and other subtle ambiences.
> -jim
> p.s. - i've already scoured the archives.