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mackie powered monitors srm 450's

last nite my #1 son and i played a fund raiser in a hotel ballroom.....at 
frist i thought that the mackies would not cut it and that i should rent 2 
more, well let me tell ya, just the two were more than enough, i havent 
played a space this big and i was overwhelmed at how they sounded.....all 
past gigs with the mackies were rather small venues so i never cranked 
until last nite.....plus i have never spread them apart so much, yikes! 
stereo effects were spinnin with abandon.....i have always liked these 
speakers but now i love them.....another cool thing, during the dinner 
segment of the gig, i would play a tune then ian would spin a record and 
on, we would switch off like that, talk about "money for nothing" what a 
pleasure.....while the folks were setting up for the dinner, i was loopin 
brains out, the air/synth was screamin, i was in heaven but i think i 
the waitresses, i had never seen butter and water go down on a table so 
in my life.....oh well.....michael