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Re: Why stereo? its a lesser spotted stan......

i've performed live in rock clubs (i play in a rock band) and just asked 
engineer, who usually doesn't care if you play stereo, mono, or turn into a
pumpkin onstage, to pan your guitar cabs hard.

does it translate?  well, i saw king crimson fairly recently and they had
some stereo stuff going on...probably the work of fripp...but i was off to
the left of the stage about 15 feet from the edge and even i could hear the
different sides.  very very very cool.  the club was packed, too (house of
blues in new orleans).  now, i don't know how many people noticed/cared, 
i thought it was a nice trick.

i keep everything stereo because, as someone mentioned, things get kinda
muddy otherwise.  a few of my processor effects sound great divided in
stereo...they sound like mush when combined into mono.

there are some folks who swear off live stereo applications.  london power
(amp company) refused to build their stereo power amp when i was in the
market for a power amp (they're a "per customer" company...too expensive
anyhow).  the builder was adamant that "nobody" in the audience could pick
up on the difference.  anyhow, it cost him a customer, but i don't think he
cared one way or the other.

there are folks like me who just love - when it's done right.  i think with
the right p.a. and a semi-cooperative sound guy/gal you can easily get your
stereo signal to hit the audience effectively.

just my two cents...