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Re: DL4 vs. Line6 Echo Pro

The echo pro is a more feature filled rack mounted version of the DL4. 
It has balanced inputs/outputs, a 60 second loop sampler instead of 14 
seconds on the DL4, Midi BPM synchronisation for the delays (no sync for 
the loop sampler unfortunately). I have only played with the Echo Pro in 
a shop, but from what I saw, it looked like a very nice piece of kit. 
Remember that you will probably need a midi pedalboard with the Echo pro 

The construction of the DL4 is far from poor - solid metal case. I 
abused mine for two years solidly before it went wrong (I ended up 
getting concrete dust collect inside the pedal, which ate one of the 
micro switches)... The only criticism that I have of the DL4 is that the 
buttons are pretty noisy to operate. It is fine for a large stage, but a 
small solo concert.... 'click'.....'click-click'....... heh :)

For the price/quality, the DL4 is unbeatable.

On Wednesday, July 3, 2002, at 09:29 AM, Paul Weissman wrote:

> has anyone here played with both of them?
> i know you guys seem to like the dl4 quite a bit, but i'm curious as to 
> what
> (if any) real advantage there is to working with the echo pro as 
> opposed to
> the dl4.  i've heard the dl4's construction was fairly poor... maybe the
> rack is better?  anything else worthwhile?
Stuart Wyatt - Solo String Project