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Re: LooperRadio

Nah on the mp3.com/Vivendi bunch, as they're not too interested in paying
anyone despite their recent rigging of the royalties determinations.

I have a station on Live365, EarthLight Online, that's running over two
hours of my material at this time.  I'm not using my full allotment
obviously.  But, I've just gotten a notice from them saying that, because 
the recent rulings about royalties, they have to charge people a $5/month
fee for the former free stations to cover it all.  Like I was talking about
several months ago?  I hate being right sometimes.

This is hilarious in a dark way, in that I own my own material, it's not
registered with ASCAP or BMI (at this time), and I pay nobody for the use 
it.  Somewhat similar to the situation described as being in Italy, but at
least it's not prohibitive as yet.  I do appreciate the costs associated
with running such a process even without the attempted squashing by the 
and their gangster buddies.

Suffice it to say that I have no money as usual, and so if I can't pull $5
out every month starting in August, EarthLight Online will also be a victim
of royalty rates.

So here's my proposition:

If you'd like your material to be played on the station, send me a CD and
let me know which pieces you'd like to have playing - along with a small
amount to help defray the $5 cost, but also my time in encoding and
uploading (bandwidth costs money too) to my site.  Respond to
spgoodman@earthlight.net off the list, if you'd like to do this.  I can
promise you I won't make a dime on this, but I do need to keep from being 
the hole as well.

Stephen P. Goodman
EarthLight Productions
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