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RE: Repeater tricks

Just a note- I tested my 3 different Korg Electribes with clock from the
Repeater and found 2 different things.

1. - Any midi Thru chains longer than 2 devices introduces noticeable
timing fluxuations.
2. - The ES-1 Tempo based delay never glitches, the ER-1 Tempo delay
glitches some, and the Ea-1 glitches but far less once I used an old
Motu midi box in the following way (It has 2 In to 2 out each): Repeater
clock to In A, Out A 1 to ES-1 (thru to router/another band member's
Repeater), then Out A #2 feeds into In B- which now gives me 2 more
tight clock outputs from the Rptr from the 2 B outputs. Those outputs go
to numerous other devices thus keeping all my thru chains down to only 2
devices and everything gets a better clock.

Granted, I still get EA-1 glitches and occasional Mo-Fx glitches- but
nothing like I used to get- and all for a very cheap price (I paid $30
for the Motu)

It is obviously a 2 sided problem- Korg created an ES-1 that handles the
clock fine, yet their other boxes do not. I guess it is a combination of
not-so-great clock and different recievers. I wish they all had the ES-1
specs in that one aspect.

Maybe this info could help you in your setup- 


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> Yeah, don't hold your breath on bug fixes.  Got an email from Lisa at
> Electrix and after she yelled at me for being critical of Electrix on
> this forum, she informed me that they're will not be an update of the
> OS.  Nice.  We've got no right to be mad, just because we bought a
> product that doesn't work as it was spec'd to.  They had a hard time,
> be nice.
> I just wish I could use it's MIDI clock out.
> Mark Sottilaro