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RE: Repeater OS issues

Compared to other devices, the EDP is easy to use.  Unless the definition 
effectively is based on what Andre is capable of (or Claude, or dt, or . .
I do find that using a MIDI pedal enables a better end product--the EDP 
pretty much do what you want it to.
I have to think that the real issue here is knowing what you want to do
before you play--as well as knowing the architecture of the device, which,
in the case of the EDP and LoopIV is deeper than ever--
I don't think the Repeater is that shallow either.  And I think that it,
too, is easy to use for simple record and playback things.  Although not
without its flaws . . .  and not simpler than the EDP.
PS  Is "effectively" a pun?
PPS  See ya in Santa Cruz

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Matthias Grob wrote:

Do you EDP users agree with Gregs point? :

>3) it appeared that there was a
>substantial learning curve associated with being able to use an EDP

if that is true I completely failed.
It seems very easy to press-play-press and then overdub with the
second button and fade with FB. Other functions are usefull but not
needed to make great music. And even those are easy to grab. It only
becomes more complicated if you want to sync or use parameters... but
for this the Repeater is not simpler either, is it?


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