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RE: New MIDI footpedal (MFC10) and EDP.


I'm not sure that i've fully got my arms around what makes a switch a
"momentary" one or not.  It seems like you need to be able to send a NoteOn
and a NoteOff in a single button press?  I'm not fully sure on that one, 
i'm hoping to hear more on this list.  I'll try searching the archives


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Does the MFC10 allow you to set the foot switches to
act as momentary switches? This would be necessary
to control the EDP, whether using notes or cc. I'm
assuming it does since it's capable of sending midi
notes. Maybe there's an extra programming step to
tell the MFC10 switches to behave as momentary?

Sorry, that's all I can think of.


--- "Lanpheer, James A"
<Lanpheer.James.A@broadband.att.com> wrote:
> So, i believed that if i sent out a MIDI note on
> message of 36 from my
> footpedal to the EDP, the Parameter button should be
> triggered, is that
> right?  And by extension, Record takes a MIDI note
> of 38, Overdub 39 and so
> on....  So, i set up my footcontroller to send these
> MIDI notes, but no
> change from the EDP.  I don't know if i'm missing
> something 'obvious' or
> not.  So far, the MIDI footpedal is a total waste of
> $$.  If anyone has any
> light that they can shed, i'd appreciate it and i'd
> also REALLY like to hear
> from someone who is currently using this particular
> pedal.

John Tidwell

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