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Re: prerecorded loops

> From: ArsOcarina@aol.com
> I've always been under the impression that the
> live music event was supposed 
> to be a tool to prove that the musician in
> question has the same amount of 
> talent and innovation on stage as (s)he does on
> the recording. 

It's funny how just a few generations ago,
recordings were just a way of recreating a live
event, but now most people expect the live event
to recreate the recording.  Ever since i got into
jazz and improv I started to find most rock
concerts quite boring because of their lack of
immediacy and spontaneity.  Yet a good DJ's set
can be much more exciting and immediate,
prerecorded music and all.  But bands playing to
backing tracks seem to be in the middle where you
don't get the best from either world.  

I think it has to do with the amount of risk
involved, rathert than something being
pre-recorded or not.  A DJ could still mess up by
missing a beat, or maybe choosing the wrong song
to mix into.  But the only risk moby is taking is
that the DAT will blow up...and he probably has
backups anyways.

I've always wondered what guys like Aphex Twin
and Amon Tobin do live...do they basically just
bring their laptop and press play, or is there
something more interactive going on?


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