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Re: one for the guitarist's

David -

usually Selina, (named after a character from a
certain Portier film) a Steinberger GM2T, modded with
a slightly re-bent arm, (older) AH Duncan pickups, and
some (different pressure) screws on the pickup rings
which are used to change the delay in real time
at yesterday's gig I used (Irene Black aka Blackie) an
early 70's Modulus Alembic Blacknife with 18v EMG's
and (worn) brass gear. I scored Blackie off of eBay
for something like $400 three years ago, Seller had no
picture, but I had heard that the Modulus folks had
holed up with Alembic so I asked a few questions and
thought it was a great deal after gettng her. a few
months later I contacted Modulus and they gave me some
background info and asked about buying it back. Just
last week Blackie's sister was also on EBay
 sold for $2K, ah the wonders of re-sale.
I won't mention the Bond ElectraGlide since I haven't
gigged with her yet.

hope you get your gear back or at least some gear to
work with soon!

best regards, Pedro Felix - NYC 2002 

--- one less than none <onelessthannone@hotmail.com>
> what guitar do you play  and what modifications do y
> have on it
> since the robbery at my place i have at the moment
> none !
> David Swain
> www.onelessthannone.co.uk

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