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Re: Repeater clicking sound

Yea, that clock jitter is a major pain in the ass.... it seems like it
should be able to stay steady, it's just a MIDI click, basically.... oh
well.... it basically renders my time-syncing stuff unusable as well, at
least if I give a crap at all about the quality.  That ticking sound is
pretty LAME too.  Are you using a Simpletech CFC?  It doesn't do it when I
playback off of internal mem.

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From: "Skip" <s-12@swbell.net>
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Sent: Sunday, July 14, 2002 10:19 AM
Subject: Re: Repeater clicking sound

> I've heard it....drives me crazy.
> I don't know of any solution though.
> The MIDI clock signal is a tiny bit unstable (+ or - .5 BPM)...not
> _that_ much of a problem, but a HUGE pain in the ass if you're syncing
> delays.
> I just got a MoFX and I was so psyched about syncing it up to the
> Repeater.
> Unfortunately the MoFX has a pitch shifting algorithm to simulate analog
> delays (for when you change delay speed), and when the clock jitters...
> your delay's pitch warbles.
> I tried to sync up to Pro Tools Free on my iBook, but it jittered
> too...you could see it on the tempo display of the Repeater.
> I've sort of assumed that with all the processing going on in the
> Repeater, the clock gets behind and then it has to speed up to stay on
> beat.
> That's just my guess.
>   -12
> On Sunday, July 14, 2002, at 11:43 AM, Tom Dauria wrote:
> > Hey all, my Repeater is making this low-level "ticking" sound out of
> > the right channel when it plays back off of a Simpletech 128 mb CFC.
> > It's definitely not the metronome, and it can't be heard during initial
> > recording. It's very annoying, has anyone else had this problem?
> > Also, what's up with the MIDI clock out?
> >
> > Tom