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Re: Y2K2 Loopfest was awesome!

Did anyone loop the sounds of a 'swinette'?

Regards, Paul
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I was particularly fond of Jon Wagner's hand percussion dance music, Eric
Oberthaler's occasionally microfragmented trumpet loops, Andre LaFosse's in
depth use of the EDP, Bill Walker's same of the Repeater, Tom Heasley's
colliding tectonic plates of tuba, Zoe Keating's four versions of herself,
Michael Klobcuhar's transformation of poppy guitar tunes into sticky sweet
electronic soup, and John Whooley's instant barbershop experimentation.

Sadly, I had to miss several of the last acts.

Thanks for the good word Chris, I was definitely a bit worried about 
parts of my performance.

There's another upcoming looping event in Oakland next month. I'm going to
make it a seperate message.


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