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Re: Audio Interface options for recording loops

     Just to second Jim's note, I am using the Echo Layla24 Laptop (PC). 
works extremely well. I've been using it for location recording, 
and sound design. They do have Mac drivers. Of course this is a $695.00 
so you may decide that it is too far out of your price range. 
     A friend of mine is using the Delta 1010 (PC), and is very happy with 
it. I believe that they have Mac drivers as well. This is a $595.00 unit. 
     I know that you are limited on budget, but you may want to consider 
buying one these units, or one with similar I/O capability. Both Echo and 
M-Audio have less expensive sound cards as well.

In a message dated 7/15/02 5:43:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
Lanpheer.James.A@broadband.att.com writes:

> I've heard great things and am investigating Echo Layla as a solution,
>  especially if i decide "PC" on the great PC/Mac debate.  I was headed 
>  the PC (running Logic) when Emagic sold to Apple sending my platform
>  decision into chaos.  I can't see buying Logic for the Mac after what 
>  did to 35% of their user base.
>  I'm also looking at the MIDIMan Delta 1010.
>  Both are a bit out of the range that you are speaking of, but might be 
>  it for the quality.  We're talking about a CRITICAL part of the chain
>  here...
>  cheers,
>  jim.