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Re: Repeater/EDP swap?

  I'd love a night in Paris, but I don't have an EDP!   lol!  



At 12:02 AM 7/12/02 +0200, you wrote:
>I've been thinking for a few days now.... and I'll take the plunge and 
>Are there any loopers in Europe (relatively close to France) who would 
>be interested in swapping their EDP with LoopIV for my Repeater? I love 
>the Repeater, but taking into account how I perform (totally live), I 
>believe that it is not the correct unit for me. Without any further OS 
>upgrades or equipment purchases (i.e. an EDP - which is impossible given 
>my finances at the moment), I fear that the Repeater will be wasted on 
>My unit is 2 months old, as new and includes a 32Meg Simpletech card.
>I would only be interested in swapping 'in person'... so that we can 
>both see each unit and agree on the deal face-to-face. I can either 
>travel to you via bus/train (if you can put me up on your floor for a 
>night or so)... or if anyone fancies a night or two in Paris, I can also 
>do the same (I have a spare futon).
>If anyone is interested, or if anyone knows anyone who might be 
>interested, then please feel free to email me off-list.
>Thanks! :)
>Stuart Wyatt - Solo String Project


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