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Rack Dreams

I wish....

Rack makers would use the dead space at top & bottom
to provide patch points. I've been tempted to dis-
assemble one of my patch bays, break out my drill
set, & see what happens.

For that matter, someone ought to make a 1/2 rack
space HIGH patch bay. My 12 space rack has an odd
space left over due to a home made sliding shelf.
It could be handy to have patch points at different
levels off the rack also. I've been tempted to
disassemble one of my patch bays, break out the 
band saw, & see what happens.

I wish equipment makers would design their products
so you could run cable from the midi & cv connections
on the back panel to a corresponding plug on the
rack ear.

I wish someone made a single space rack mixer with
16 channels & 8 fx sends. I'm reasonable - I wouldn't
even demand EQ. :)


John Tidwell

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