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Re: THE RACK. Keeping to together...

At 2:08 PM -0700 7/15/2002, Jon Wagner wrote:
>I just had to take this chance to brag about my brand new rack case that I
>debued in Santa Cruz.  Here's a quasi-marketing type photo of  my 
>My goal was to be able to quickly and easily take my looping rig anywhere 
>want.  10 minute setup every time, perfect gear placement for me while
>seated, and it has wheels...
Wow, very nice, elegant solution to the gear transportation/setup 
conundrum. I've just finished a considerably less elegant setup, but 
one more inline with my own (lack of) carpentry skills: A board, 16" 
deep by 48" long, velcro'd to it are a Roland MC-303, a Korg ER-1, a 
Nord Micro Modular, a Kurzweill ExpressionMate ribbon controller and 
main control box, a Peavey PC-1600, and a Furman locking power strip 
for all the wallwarts. Then I have an SKB 10-space rack with a 
Repeater, JamMan, Vortex, and MoFX, and a Mackie 1202 sitting in the 
bottom. The board sits on top of the rack, or on a keyboard stand. A 
MIDI cable goes to the board from my master controller (Nord Lead), 3 
stereo audio leads and 1 MIDI cable go from the board to the rack. 
Board fits into an SKB keyboard case. Setup is slightly more than 10 
minutes, it looks funky and homebrew (I'll post pictures when I get a 
chance), but, based on 1 gigs worth of experience, it works, and 
greatly simplifies my gigging life.
Dave Trenkel                                New and Improv Music
http://www.newandimprov.com         improv@peak.org