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Re: looping tits on LD site??

Are you aware of the apache worm that was found in the wild last week? 
Make sure you are current on your patches.


Kim Flint wrote:

> The LD site is back alive. It was out for the last few hours due to 
> some mysterious problem that crashed Apache. We're checking into that 
> to make sure it doesn't happen again.
> Meanwhile, sorry about that bulls-eye ad if it bothers you. (although 
> more people click on that than most other ads, so I guess it doesn't 
> bother some of you....)  It is kind of embarrassing to have stupid 
> things like that on the site. That particular ad is basically one of 
> several default ads from an ad service that appears when I don't have 
> someone paying for that spot. For some reason Electrix wasn't 
> interested in renewing their ad campaign and I haven't had time to 
> find someone else, so we got half-naked ladies.
> That ad alone doesn't pay well enough to be worth it, so I'll pull it 
> out of rotation. Or, if there are any attractive male loopers out 
> there, please feel free to send me half naked photos of yourselves and 
> I'll include them in the rotation to balance things out. Maybe we can 
> have a looper dating service, or a hot talk line where people can call 
> to have the looper of their dreams talk to them about midi clocks and 
> cable routing. For sure Mark Sottilaro's hairy legs would rake in the 
> bucks.
> kim
> At 06:28 AM 7/17/2002, Stephen P. Goodman wrote:
>> I'm not even getting THAT - loopers-delight.com times out from here,
>> attempts to attach to, and then just sits there, 
>> blank.  A
>> trace is indicative of delays but not just on the host's part...?
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