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Re: Repeater MIDI clock issues

One of the reasons I purchased the Roland MC-307 was for it's BIG turntable
like slider that controls both, or either, pitch and tempo.  The Repeater
chases is flawlessly (well, if you go too fast, there's a slight lag, but 
catches up.)

I wonder if there's a device or something that could clear up that damn 
clock issue.  I wouldn't go as far to say the Repeater's a piece of crap
though.  My opinion of them leaving the OS in this state is on the record


Jon Wagner wrote:

> > foot...I guess I need to get an Echoplex for clocking issues.  :-)
> >
> That's the only thing that's worked for me so far, but it sure works 
>nice to
> sync my repeater to the EDP - especially with LoopIV's better midi clock
> features!
> Jon