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Y2K2 LOOPFEST T-shirt reorder?

We sold out of the Y2K2 LOOPFEST tees on day one of the festival
(24 of them).    As a matter of fact it seems that someone made off with
my only teeshirt :-(  so I am considering making another run.

Is anyone interested?    The price will be $15 including p + h.
The tee shirts are made on heavy duty cotton black tee shirts with
white printing and they say

Y2K2 LOOPFEST (in large letters)
3rd Annual Santa Cruz Looping Festival (in smaller letters)

then there is a piece of ASCII art (art using only typewriter letters)
of interlocking three dimensional donuts (loops)

Cayuga Vault
July 13-14, 2002

on the bottom.

They are really sexy!!!!!!    No , just kidding, but if anyone is 
let me know that you are,

send me your snail mail address and

the size tee shirt that you would like and

I'll send you snail mail info to send me a check.

I want to do this in a timely manner and
I think I may not do it again, so this is your chance.

Yours,   Rick Walker  (aka Loop.pooL)

PS if any loopfest participants read this, please write in and tell us
just how satisfied you are with your official loopfest t-shirt.......LOL.

If the response is good enough, I'm considering doing an infomercial on
television nationally to sell them.   Any half naked loopers want to be
the sexy 'fluff' background for my infomercial?   I hear that Kim Flint
is becoming quite the porn impressario with his naked ads on LD.......maybe
a guest shot, Kim with, say Ron Jeremy as a guest panelist........I like