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Re: Repeater and Drum Machine question

I have a Zoom MRT-3 connected to my Repeater and have used a couple of
others with it (Zoom 234-something (I think), a Yanaha and a Roland 770).

Works okay but occasionally the repeater seems to change the tempo 
for some reason and I have to spin the dial to get it back. Basically, I 
the drum machine output as a glorified metronome. I usually record the 
though with the intention of later replacing them with different drum 
played live.

I liked the EDP's interaction with a drum machine much better than the
Repeaters. The EDP seemed to surprise me with a tempo  that would really
change the characteristic of whatever drum pattern I might be using. I
really miss my EDP in that regard.

Regards, Paul
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Subject: Repeater and Drum Machine question

> All,
> Being a new owner of a Repeater with a DR-770 I'm wondering what can and
> can't be done with these two connected together given the MIDI out 
> with the Repeater ?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated !!
> Thanks
> Gary Weideman