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RE: Gr-33/VG8

No, I don't think your kidding yourself at all.  Tracking probably won't be
all that a keyboard would especially on some patches but unless you like to
play very fast a lot, it probably won't represent a major obstacle.  Though
I haven't worked with software synths, I don't think there is anyl reason
technically why they would differ from hardware.

If extremely fast tracking is imperative to you, look at the Axon.  They
used to send out a free demo video and the guy playing is extremely fast 
there is no lag at all in the tracking.
Besides that the Axon has some impressive features that allow you to assign
different sounds to different (2-upper and lower)parts of the neck as well
as have different sounds triggered by where you pick the string.


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> >
> > guitar synth is pretty limited compared to a keyboard
> > synth...which is exactly why i haven't bought one yet.
> >
So am I kidding myself if I think a guitar synth will control some
hardware/software synths effectively? I understand the limits of midi 
in general, but I really do not like playing on a keyboard. I feel much 
creative with the guitar.

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