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Re: Loop approach: Loop as effect

well here is my thinking(?) on this subject. i know there have been alotta
folks waiting w/ baited breath :-)
i give credit to my mentor and friend jim thomas of <the mermen>for getting
me on this path of thinking:
i look at my setup holistically-it has to do w/ using all the *gear
together* to get a certain sound. it is a whole system,integrative,balanced
and natural.it is hard work to get a sound and this thinking helps me keep
it all interconnected.
whether is a frazzled thought in my head,a loop going right(or left or
wrong) or the rattling of speaker its all the same thing


> i gave no definition of effect.  in fact i am refusing to define, 
> at the rough borders.
> i have played trumpet for many years, so i don't need to tell a brass 
> to try it for me.  believe me, the instrument doesn't just make lip buzz 
> "nicer"
> or "more focused on a single frequency."  this is somewhat like saying an
> organ 
> just makes key click sound nicer...
> i agree that the players body is more part of the equation in brass (and 
> winds, really)
> than in string and percussion instruments....
> hmmm, "...something to this effect..." was an intentional pun?
> good one, either way...
>> If you tell a brass player to "blow his instrument" and then take the
>> instrument away, what you will hear is "melodic sound" generated by the 
>> vibrating in the stream of air. If you add the instrument, the sound is
>> louder and more focused on a single frequency and sounds what most 
>> will call "nicer", but this is actually well-consistent with the 
>> of an "effect" you gave...
>> Mind you, I chose the trombone (or any brass instrument) here for a 
>reason -
>> your "the instrument does generate sound" point would be valid for 
>about any
>> other instrument I can think of at the moment (except for blowing a 
>comb or
>> singing onto a timpano or something to this effect)...
>> Rainer
>>> actually, this doesn't make sense.
>>> a brass instrument does generate sound.
>>> though the lip is part of the equation, the instrument doesn't just
>>> amplify lip buzz...
>>> there will always be a distinction blur between effect and instrument.
>>> is a wah pedal an effect?
>>> how about the guitar amp?
>>> good luck being consistent on the hairy edge...
>>> "Nothing is intrinsically good or evil, but its usage may
>>> make it so." - St. Thomas Aquinas