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EDP Problem

I have an EDP with Loop IV. I installed the software about a month ago and
everything was working fine but just over the weekend I have had some
troubles. When I intially power up the EDP will cycle through its LOOP 4
screen two to three times before allowing me to enter the actually looping
screen (for lack of a better term the screen where your loop time appears).
It used to never take that long just one cycle through.

Also when I press the parameter button in order to modify the settings it
won't let me cycle through Timing, Keys, Midi and Loops. It usually gets
stuck bouncing between Timing and Keys (with each press of the Parameter
button) and will rarely cycle all the way through allowing me to get back 
the "actual loop screen". I usually just half to shut it down and power 
up. I have tried resetting the EDP by holding down the Parameters button 
that doesn't help.

It's really strange all this started happening when I was trying to send
midi CC commands from my Behringer FCB1010  through my MOTU Midi Timepiece
II to my Eclipse to change programs up and down. All of my midi gear is
routed through my Timepiece but it has been setup like this for almost half
a year and no problems. Also my EDP is set to listen to notes and is on 
CH#4 and my Eclipse is on Midi CH#5. Are these errors I'm receiving just a
coincidence or do they have a direct correlation to the CC commands I sent
to my Eclipse.  Any ideas?