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Re: Loop approach: Loop as effect

Interesting discussion (up to a point).

I normally eschew the word "effect" in favor of such terms as 
"process" or "signal processor." This is because ever since I started 
working with electronic music systems in the '70s I have treated 
studio and performance systems either as instruments or as sound 
design procedures. Perhaps this is because I moved from the role of 
vocalist/instrumentalist to that of composer and thence to performer 
on electronic systems. I did have a fuzz tone and a wah-wah pedal 
briefly toward the end of my guitar-player period, but once I was 
making tape music these were just special instances of timbral 

If I do use "effect" it is usually to describe something that is 
imposed as a minor "coloration" to the sound of an otherwise clearly 
identifiable instrument. Once the "processor" crosses the line to 
becoming a significant determinant of the sound it is clearly a part 
of the instrument.