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RE: linguistic abuse (was "Loop approach")

of course, one thing that may be missed here is that fact that language is 
a living, growing organism, not a museum piece. (unless it's latin or 
other languages that have insisted on purity and fallen into disuse.)

for one thing, "effect," as being discussed here, does not show up in my 
shorter oxford dictionary. the closest one gets is the entry for lightning 
used is stage plays. 

we, the musical community, have appropriated a word for our own nefarious 
uses. what we really mean by "effect" is not in the dictionary (at least 
mine). what we really have is a sound or timbral modifier (as dr. z 
pointed out). 

we, as most people do, appropriate and modify language as we go along - - 
the beauty and curse of language.


(who sees car guys using words like "refreshening," etc., all day long)

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