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the meaning of meaning and dishwashing

I've come to believe (there's a clue for language cops in 
the list) that I can carry a creative intent into all my 
activities.  Long ago I had a spiritual kind of experience 
whilst cleaning a toilet.  Lately I've come to enjoy 
washing dishes, the long way, by hand.  Just for the joy 
of intent (or lack of it) in doing it.

I play music because I hear it, and I desire to see it 
made manifest in the world.  All things can become 
creative efforts (even destroying things!) when we see 
that we can create the world we wish to live in.

Lately I've decided that if I want music, I should make it 
myself.  I'm listening to 'others' less, and making 'my 
own' more.  (The quotation marks are deliberate: as if we 
really own the music that comes out of us!)

Looping is an interesting tool.  There are many many 
others.  Language is one too. 



1.  Jim Palmer sez:
i noticed this a few years ago.
i think it's really interesting that people fail to notice 
it even when they are saying it themselves. language 
processing occurs mostly subconsciously.  only people who 
really listen to sound seem to even notice this one.  it 
seems to me that it comes from the tendency for 
contraction in spoken language.  phrases like "the problem 
is" and "the answer is" become a single word.

i even caught myself doing it once. (gasp)

i think that this tendency has a very interesting effect 
on musical improvisation.
2.  and then dt sez:
>I wonder how many diverse answers there are 
>to THAT one? DT, you wanna go first? :-)
i think i'll politely decline that definition, for now.
while the tools that i use to make music are extremely 
important to me (as the potential for specificity in the 
use of language is similarly meaningful to me), i 
recognise in my motivation that i have (historically) 
obsessively sought an (in)-appropriate 
avenue-for-expression for 'creative' output whether i'm 
looping (or not), composing (or not), writing prose (or 
not), playing stringed instruments (or not), going to a 
'business' meeting (or not), pulling espresso shots (or 
not), gardening (or not)..... etc etc 
as ever vague & likely insubstantial,
dt / splattercell
3.  and jim then said:
creatively expressing an espresso shot?
would that be espression?