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Re: loops w/ live groups

It's a tough one.  I've only had luck when we had a drummer with a
looper (Hi Jon W!) or a drummer that was willing to play along to a
simple drum machine used as a click track.


Jonathan Yandel wrote:

> Although I have the deepest respect for Fripp and his approach to
> looping, I suppose what really interests me is the use of loops with a
> live band--you know, not just soundscapes and drones, but also more
> rhythmical loops.  However, getting these to sync up to a drummer (or
> vice versa) can be a bit of a challenge, at least to a relatively new
> "loopist".  I just figured I'd throw this question out there and
> hopefully get some help: any tips on syncing loops up with a real
> drummer (the first track off of the Bruford Levin Upper Extremities cd
> is a great example)?  Right now I'm using a Jamman (thanks Mark!), so
> the possibility of taking advantage of MIDI could work, if it supplied
> a click track for my drummer... Sorry if this distracts some of you
> from the loop as fx vs loop as instrument debate 8^) jonathan
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