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Boston gig spam - dosage & the squares @ zeitgeist gallery,"the sketchpad" relaunched

Hi, all. Three months ago we here in Boston suffered a serious blow when
the Zeitgeist Gallery burned to the ground. For many, including myself, it
was a loss of enormous proportions, the gallery being one of the few
adventurous performances spaces in town, and a great place to loop.

I'm proud to annonuce the return of the Zeitgeist, in its new (and
improved) location in Inman Square, Cambridge, as well as the return of my
concert series, "the sketchpad," at which many fine loopers have appeared,
including the peerless David Goodrich.  I'll be looping there this Sunday
night, and there's an open reception on Friday, so I'd love to see some
Boston looper types down there, if you can swing through.

                                        a.i.m. > presents > the sketchpad

Sunday, July 28th, 8:00 PM

with The Squares

at the NEW Zeitgeist Gallery

1353 Cambridge St.
Inman Square
Cambridge, MA 02139

$6 at the door / all ages / BYOB



dosage is a Boston-based noise artist who, for most of 2002, has been
mesmerizing, stupefying, and annoying audiences on both sides of the river
with his psychedelic blend of sound-collage and harsh noise, made from
distorted electrical hum, chance random-object deconstructions (performed
on a prepared guitar), improvised real-time sampling of AM radio waves,
and thick, erotic feedback. His influences include bad relationships,
broken kitchen appliances, the sound of empty rooms while on drugs, the
blight of modern music, and James Jamerson (bassist on every great Motown
record). This performance, and his upcoming EP of live recordings (culled
from appearances this summer) are presented by a.i.m.

The Squares are an electrified duo featuring Jonah Kraut (guitar &
electronics) and Simon Goldberg (trumpet & electronics), both students at
the New England Conservatory. Their sounds spans influences from jazz,
American blues and folk music, electronic music, and minimalism. Loops in
hand, The Squares range from ambient textures to rhythmically driven
energy, all within the space of intimate chamber improvisation.

a.i.m. (advanced idea mechanics) is a newly-launched freeform collective
dedicated to the advancement of fringe independent music, and the
deconstruction of the stagnant commercial mainstream. a.i.m. functions as
a subsidiary of local independent label Telepathy Records, both overseen
by Elio DeLuca. a.i.m. curates "the sketchpad" concert series, which
highlights artists from a wide variety of marginalized sonic art forms,
including noise, loop, ambient, IDM, free improv, and sonic dance. Having
produced events at the old Zeitgeist Gallery, as well as other locations
in greater Boston, a.i.m. is proud to return the sketchpad to its rightful
home at the new Zeitgeist.


The Zeitgeist Gallery has long been heralded as the last gasp of loft-type
performances spaces in the Boston area, maintaining both a high profile in
city culture and a noble dedication to marginalized art forms. The Gallery
was awarded "Best Art Gallery" in the 2001 Reader's Poll in the Boston
Phoenix. After a fire which tragically consumed the original space on
Broadway and Norfolk St., the Zeitgeist has been reborn by its progenitors
in a wonderful new space in Inman Square.


More information forthcoming for shows in August & beyond......


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