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Re: Drummers playing to metronomes and loops live

Wow...what a great post!  I have on numerous accounts been complimented 
my ability to, as a bassist, to navigate to the "right" side of the beat, 
and have been asked how do I find the top or back of the beat in my 
  The answer is, much as Rick pointed out, by putting myself in an 
state of laziness or edginess, and allowing my playing to gravitate 

But, I really like the conept of "aural hallucination".

Which brings up another topic: As musicians we tend to focus on technical 
matters be it from a standpoint of playing technique or gear issues.  Yet, 
there is a whole emotional pallette from which we must also draw to enrich 
our music.  The state of mind, or chemical imbalance thereof, from which 
play is a very imporatnt launching pad for our sonic flights....and I 
this might be very important to the making of "loop-based" music.
Just as Rick spoke of the "aural hallucinations", are there any other, 
perhaps off-the-wall, concepts and techniques folks are using to mentally 
and emotionally, place themselves, and/or their perception of 
playing/rhythm/harmony/melody, in the music?


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