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re: Loops w/live drummer

Another idea might be to take the loop and turn it into something you have 
to trigger by hand. Then you could start the "loop" each time the drummer 
hits the downbeat, keeping it from going out of sync.

This would require:
-creating a loop with events that coincide with your drummer's speed
-making sure your drummer is going to play at the same speed (bpm) next 
he plays the song.
-having somebody have a free hand to trigger the sample each time. You 
even see about putting the trigger device in the drummer's rig.

I don't know what brand/model of equipment can be used for external 
these days. I'm still using my DOD DFX 94's and swatting them with my hand.


On Wed, 2002-07-24 at 14:02, Jonathan Yandel wrote:
>Although I have the deepest respect for Fripp and his approach to 
suppose what really interests me is the use of loops with a live band--you 
not just soundscapes and drones, but also more rhythmical loops.  However,
getting these to sync up to a drummer (or vice versa) can be a bit of a
challenge, at least to a relatively new "loopist".  I just figured I'd 
this question out there and hopefully get some help: any tips on syncing 
up with a real drummer (the first track off of the Bruford Levin Upper
Extremities cd is a great example)?  Right now I'm using a Jamman (thanks
Mark!), so the possibility of taking advantage of MIDI could work, if it
supplied a click track for my drummer...
>Sorry if this distracts some of you from the loop as fx vs loop as 
debate 8^)
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