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Re: Looping with a drummah

>I was gonna take this page down, but if anyone is interested, check out
>my drummer gets a dry headphone feed from my jamman (pre- filter 
>factory and vortex).

The Seattle band Living Daylights does something like this. They're a 
trio, their bass player (a total f*cking monster) loops with a 
JamMan, and the drummer has a set of 1-eared headphones that gets 
just the JamMan. The bass player often sets up these monster grooves, 
loops them, and then he and the alto sax player solo over the loop. 
What's so impressive about this is how fluid and comfortable they are 
with the looping, it becomes almost completely transparent. They've 
played a few million gigs in the past few years, which probably helps 
quite a lot. Amazing band, you should all catch them live if you get 
the chance, and not just for the looping content, they're wonderful 
Dave Trenkel                                New and Improv Music
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