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My First Post Revisited

Greetings Loopers,

     On a lark I did an archive search and pulled up my first ever post 
on Loopers Delight,
     Back in the days that the Echoplex had not been re-issued, the DL-4 
was not yet
     available, and the Repeaters were but a glimmer in Electrix eyes.

     In contrast to the post below, this week me and my loopy stuff have 
managed to be
     "Featured" on zebox.com's front page.  Now I dont know if I was 
choosen based on
     artistic merit, or if perhaps it was just "my turn"... but at least 
it gives an idea on where
     I have ventured since the first days of struggle with that Akai 


     On the page are several pieces with a fellow LD member, Jim Coker, 
whom I met at a
     Fred Frith concert last year  (it pays to wear to that t-shirt out).

     Thanks to Loopers Delight for all the help & inspiration...  Sure 
has, and will continue to
     be fun!



Greetings Loopers,

    I am new to the list... stumbling upon it while
    searching for information on the Akai Headrush.  By
    way of introduction; I am 35,live in Albuquerque
    New Mexico, and until the recent departure of my drummer
    played in a sloppy punk band under the moniker "dimbulb"
    ( http://www.unm.edu/~cornflak <http://www.unm.edu/%7Ecornflak> ).

    While I havent really been a looper, I became interested in the
    Headrush pedal after seeing it in action during a performance
    by Don Caballero (both Bass & guitar were using them).  
    I was so impressed with the band, and with the pedals that
    I purchased one.

    I have been playing with it for a coupla days now and having alot of
    fun with both the tape echo mode and the loop mode.  With my band
    in limbo I find that looping may hold great promise in my 
    music-making at home.  At this moment I am listening to the
    Looper CD via real-audio, its great and has made it to my "must
    purchase soon" list.

    With regard to the Headrush, I am having a little difficulty 
    during the looping function.  If I get a riff going, the looper
    seems to have a pause before the repeat begins.  I am not sure if
    it is a function of MY timing when I hit the switchs, or if the
    box is just screwing with the timing.  As it is now, I get a loop
    going, then pause to adapt any further playing to the new beat of 
    the loop.  Does that make any sense?

    Can anyone advise a fledgling looper on making the most out of this
    stomp box?