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Re: Of percussion, Repeaters, and MIDI clocks

Thanks, Mark.

That does confirm that the setup I was contemplating wouldn't be viable.
What I had wanted to do was feed the Handsonic into a Repeater and put my
Mo-FX in the Repeater's effects loop. The stereo, effects loop, and
multitrack features seemed pretty useful in that context -- more so than
when doing guitar looping where the EDP is working well for me. However,
since my goal would be to have it determine tempo to feed the Mo-FX from 
recorded loop length, that just doesn't seem like an option. Pity -- though
it saves me the trouble of looking for a Repeater.

I could record the initial loop into an EDP and then dump that to the
Repeater, but if I'm going to do that, I might just as well do it all on