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Re: Mains Filters... do they work?

Sounds like a motor whine from your description.  

I don't know what types of filters are available in Paris, but surely
you are not the first person there to need help with this problem.  I
would check with high end high fi dealers, they worry about line noise
intruding into their listening.

What AC voltage does Paris use (120,240,100)?  50hz or 60hz?  
Is it 3 wire, one is ground, one hot, one neutral?

--- Stuart Wyatt <stuart@solostring.com> wrote:
> Thanks Bret!
> I have a feeling that I will have to solve the problem though at my
> end. 
> I'm 99% certain that there is something on the mains loop to the
> floor 
> in someone else's apartment that is picking up interferance. The sort
> of 
> noise that I am getting is a high pitched whine that goes up in 
> frequency (up to 15-18Khz I think) then cuts off. Playing around with
> neighbours fridges is definitely out of the question - hell, this is 
> Paris... I've hardly even seen them, let alone spoken to them.
> I'm going to try a few experiments... one of which is moving all my 
> equipment to the countryside this weekend and trying to record the 
> bloody stuff there :)
> I'll check out your links in the morning. :)
> --
> Stuart Wyatt - Solo String Project
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> stuart@solostring.com

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