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My Loop Project finished! What do U think? Artistic Electronica

Hi all... I was a member a long-long time ago... I learned some looping, and left...
I came back only after I have finished my project and learned the ropes!
Check out my techniques and style.  Feedback from this group would really mean something
to me as this group gave me a big push GO with this.  The finished project is called,
"The Floydian Propulsion Project" and I describe it as 'artistic electronica'... and of course
it is remixed Pink Floyd... yes, yes, borderline contraversial (who would mess with pink floyd!!)
I know I know, but I think it turned out great, and I've got a lot of positive feedback on it.
Check out the MP3's on my site, what do you all think?
    The Floydian Propulsion Project
The Artistic Electronica of Pink Floyd
    Check out the MP3's on the site
          -/\= Floydhead -/\=