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Re: Substitute as EDP Resample?

>It just occurred to me that the new Substitute Insert Mode in EDP 
>LoopIV could be used to resample loops.  Since Substitute allows you 
>to play back your original loop while you're replacing it, you can 
>feed the EDP's output through other processing, tweak it, and feed 
>it back to the input to resample it.  This could be nice if you 
>wanted to permanently change your loop without tying up a processor, 
>i.e. to use EQ Killer or to record a filter sweep or otherwise 
>mangle the loop in a serial fashion (parallel processing can simply 
>be overdubbed).

Thats right, I did not think of that...
Problem may be that you still have the external feedback loop when 
you are in other states like Overdub, where the internal feedback is 
also active and both together will create a big feedback that 
probably makes the loop grow.
You can also simply close the FB button and use the external FB loop 
in all states.

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