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EDP: The use of RoundMode

RoundMode is a LOOP3/4 parameter that defines whether the input to 
the loop is still open while Multiply or Insert is rounded up.

As Kim discribed recently (I could not find it any more, he wrote a 
lot!), I love RoundMode=off, because I am more in control. I dont 
like to have my phrase recorded after I press StopMultiply, to some 
point that depends on where it started. I may not remember that 
point, especially in long multiplys and arhythmic loops, and I may 
have to stop playing to avoid that the end of rounding cuts a note.

Yes I like the freedom to put the phrase into the cycle structure 
wherever I hear it. And when I feel or read from the green counter 
that the frase may become overlaping with itself (maybe just by a 
fading note!), I end Multiply with Overdub. This seems saver to me. I 
can press Overdub anytime and when I let it go, it ends imediately, 
whether we passed the end of the loop or not.

This must be hard to read, so please try it!
You may feel that its not just for my chaotic side that RoundMode=off 
is usefull ! ;-)

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