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Re: Solid State 2 x 12 Combo Amplifiers

I used to have a tube Ampeg SC160 (not sure if that was the model, but I 
got it in the late 80s) that I loved the tone of.  I did run bass and 
guitar synth stuff through it and it seemed to handle fine.  I miss that 
ol' amp.  The only reason I got rid of it was it was amazingly heavy and 
I got tired of trying to stuff it in the trunk of my Subaru.

Mark (who's got a Golf now) Sottilaro

On Tuesday, August 13, 2002, at 07:15  PM, Doug Cox wrote:

> The newer Roland JC-120's have an effects loop.  And everything else 
> you're
> looking for.  I love my older ones (no effects loop).
> Dig
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> From: "Lee Barnes" <PhaedeBack@comcast.net>
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> Sent: Tuesday, August 13, 2002 9:09 PM
> Subject: OT: Solid State 2 x 12 Combo Amplifiers
>> Hey all,
>> Have a slightly off-topic question about solid state 2 x 12 combo
>> amplifiers out there; can anyone or any two recommend a road-worthy 
>> combo
>> amplifier out there that can handle tunings for extended range 
>> instruments
>> (have an 8-string guitar)?  I'm more interested in clean sounds with 
>> lots
> of
>> reverb, vs. using either compression or distortion, any help is duly
>> appreciated!
>> Currently using a Mesa Boogie-clone of a Carvin amplifier (older early
> 80's
>> I think) and when either the B or the F# strings come into play
> (especially
>> open notes) the amp just starts distorting on me...
>> The only other features I'm really looking for are a built in plate or
>> spring reverb tank and an effects loop (ok, coming back on topic)...
>> Thanks again!
>> Lee