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Re: Stereo Effects & EDP

mark_francombe@hotmail.com writes:

>Ahhh! No you are not misunderstanding me... I just explained very badly.
>With a prefader send you would have to turn down main fader to get total
>wet, so in effect you have to turn (+fade) 2 controls to adjust overall
>volume, or put it another way to fade a signal/guitar thru a, lets say,
>filter factory, you would first turn up pre fade send AND THEN fade down
>main fader to make completely wet. What I am descibing would have a ...um
>er... INPUT level fader to control TOTAL volume of that signal AND a send
>that would be dry at one end and wet at the other... subtle difference
>maybe, but to introduce filtering or mangling of any kind that required
>wet sig (vortex also) you could just grab one knob and WHANG!
i wrote up and pitched a dj-style fx-mixer (w/various x-fade busses) to 
mackie and rane, a few years ago, to no avail.....

whatabout dedicated midi-controls for wet/dry balance, after a pre-fader 

>> ..... which is what i generally use.
>> various diagrams of my various set-ups are posted many times over the
>> already, i think.

>any ideas where? your site? LD archive? looking..
ld archive? guitar player magazine? guitar world magazine? 
the videos? somewhere, i think.....
dt / splattercell