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OT: Re: Trilok Gurtu


I think his work with McLaughlin was amazing- esp his 10 minute solo 
on the Live At The Roayal Festival Hall cd (McLaughlin)- I saw him on that
tour- I was absoloutly blown away- I have never seen him loop- last time I
saw him was 2 years ago here in L.A.- good show- much better than his solo
cds- I'm not sure why but he is painfully modest in his performances on his
own cds- seldomly ever letting loose. Maybe it is the bland compositions.
Ouch.  Honestly he is so damn good with his limbs he doesen't need to loop
IMO- he can keep a tempo and play wayy outside of it at the same time like
the best of them- I'd love to see him and Zakir play together! Maybe Dennis
Chambers could sit in on a few too...

....and then I woke up.


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> Curious, on what album does Trilok use looping? I've been a fan since I
> saw him with Oregon in the early eighties. But some of his solo stuff
> (IMHO) is boring. Bill/Las Vegas