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RE: loop device endorsement - was Santanas looping bassist

** first, really cogent thoughts/analysis. 

That stuff helps for sure, but I think it only reaches people who are 
already familiar with the idea and pretty close to making a decision to go 
for it anyway.

A manufacturer can't make that happen, they can only hope to be in the 
right place to ride the wave 
when it does. The musicians are ultimately what makes it happen.

** herein lies therub, no? i guess my thinking would be that they have 
someone like benny reitveld (spelling, sorry) who is doing this stuff and 
all. people notice people like him doing stuff, people even notice david 
torn. if you use some of their mugs, maybe it helps people who are already 
familiar with the sound say, "aha, that's how he did it" - - or maybe not. 
it will not be on the level of the fender stratocaster - - not yet a 
least. the thing is, it seems like there could be a small window of 
opportunity for some niche marketing by these companies. 

In dealing with musical instrument industry for a few years, I've found 
that musicians are incredibly conservative people when it comes to how 
they make music. Sure, they'll get funny haircuts and wear crazy clothes, 
but they won't try a new sound. Most of them don't want to try new things, 
unless they see somebody else doing it successfully first. "Successfully" 
is the key. When they hear music that they like and see that others like 
too, then they want to emulate the music and the musicians doing it. They 
become willing to try whatever technique or box is necessary. No video in 
store gets them to that point.

* correct on all accounts. but you have david torn doing stuff on albums 
by bowie, etc. it seems that those could be the considered someone using 
it successfully - - though not on korn levels (by the way, they tune their 
guitars down to low A, i believe). 

I think the steps for a new instrument becoming a popular instrument go 
something like this:

- a new idea/instrument comes along from some bright person or company.
 - - etc

** re your time line. i guess the question comes down to where are we in 
the cycle? is gibson (fer instance) missing the window right now?

Like Trey Anastasio and the Boomerang. He doesn't do ads or endorsements 
for it, he 
just uses it all the time. So his fans buy it.

* the what-if being, what if they did do some advert stuff with him? 


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