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Re: A/B switch for Echoplex

On 8/24/02 2:01 PM, "Doug Cox" <bickleypunk@pdq.net> wrote:

> I  use the Morley ABY box for this.  Works fine when in A *or* B only
> setting, ie, pointing the footswitch at one Echoplex at a time.  When 
> the A *and* B mode, Record and Overdub work simultaneously on both EDPs, 
> above that (Multiply, Insert, Undo, etc), you get strange results.  No
> worries tho, because I just "link" the EDPs via ControlSource when I want
> them to work simultaneously (stereo operation).  In the linked case, I 
> the Morely box to the A position, where my master EDP controls both.
> The Morley box has LEDs to indicate what's what, and runs a long time on 
> single 9v battery.
> Hope that helps.
> Doug

In fact I just bought one and it does exactly what I need. Thanks all for
the super quick replies. Doug, how do you link both EDPs with control
source? I'd love to be able to switch between stereo operation and 2
independent EDPs without plugging and unplugging the MIDI and BrotherSync
cords behind my rack. Sorry for the questions, I just got 2 used EDPs (the
manual could be a little clearer), I used a JamMan for years before so it's
fairly new territory.

Laurent Brondel