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Re: loopers in Philadelphia area?

Well hi there Cpr

There are a few loopers in Philly

For starters, AKASH is in - dah house - right here in The Old City Section of Dwntwn Philly.

& AKASH: http://www.mp3.com/akashmusic
has been known to loop a just a little bit from time to time.

Also note that from Philly is a cool young fellow by the name of David Talento who released one of the Looper's Delight Music CD's.

Then also look for a verteran & delightful musician by the name of Charles Cohen who has for years made incredible and delicious music with many great people ( Cecil Taylor being one of em ) while for the most part being based right here in Philly.

There is another great guitarist/improvising type guy named David Forlano who loops from time to time and has great sense of timig, note placement and regard for silence.

There is also a real chubby, but cute, 30 soemerthin-isg, bespectled Black guy named, John Price whom you can see usually on the streets of Philly playin his black carlo robelli archtop guitar with a Line 6 DL/4 & Peavey Battery Amp in Old City or South Street on weekends w/ good weather.

John Price is usually blowing some might fine straight ahead jazz stylings or droning with an e-bow. or he is in a Prono Bondage Band Looping and watching the wild action on stage with AKASH.
& also see Mr. John Price with his "John Price Trio" blowing Jazz, Bop and Loop oriented ballads with a decidely jazz/blues & subtle world feel to it

I'm certain that I am also leaving out many other wonderful and interesting folks from Philadelphia whom I just may not be aware of yet.

But if you look and scratch the surface of Philly, theres tons of music outta Philly from Hip-Hop, Drum n Bass ( Josh Wink, Elliott Levin, Saul Stokes, Dieselboy, King Britt, Eve, Pink, The Roots, Musique, Toshi Makihara, Jill Scott, etc ) to free jazz to avant garde to Pop and Bluegrass/World/Folk and more.

You are in a town filled w/ a rich talented and compelling set of original musicians all with many unique perspectives & stories told with a depth and clairty like no other you will find in any other American City IMHO.

& I tell ya, it must be somethin in our "hoagies" here that makes Philly such fertile ground for so many good & vital music(s)/musicians and artists.

so Yo! Hope to seeya's round town sometime soon :)

Warmest Regards,
John Price/AKASH
"The World's Most Erotic Band"
215.485.6128 Phone
"Remember To Always Kill Your Expectations"